Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial, or natural search results on the search engines. Simply put, it's the name given to the activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

SEO Basics

0. What is SEO?
    0.1 Introduction to SERP
    0.2 SEO Evolution
    0.3 How Search Engines Work
    0.4 What is next in SEO

  •         Mobile
  •         Predictive Search Bots
  •         Machine Learning 

Additional Points

  •     The core of SEO
  •     Is paid search devaluing SEO?
  •     Ad blocking and SEO
  •     Avoid a common pitfall
  •     Are backlinks still important?
  •     Direct answers and featured snippets 
  •     Cheating at SEO
  •     Voice search's effect on SEO
  •     Setting SEO expectations
  •     How it affects your business 

SEO Keywords Fundamental - Part 1

1. Keywords the fundamental of SEO
       1.1 Mine the rich resources of keywords 
                  -  What are keywords?
                  -  The implications of keywords
                  -  How can we use keywords 
                  -  Find keyword research resources 
                  -  View the keyword universe
                  -  Read keyword data effectively
       1.2 Importance of Keywords

                  - Why you need a Keyword research plan
                  - Keyword research process
                          -     How to find low competition, high-converting keywords
                          -     Why you won’t succeed in SEO without doing it                
                  - Tools to help you analyse keywords
                           - Raven tools
                           - Moz
                           - SEMrush
                  - Keyword Discovery
                          - Understanding keyword attributes
                          - Understanding keyword distribution

SEO Keywords Fundamental - Part 2

1.3 Free Tools That Will Generate 1,000s of Keyword Ideas for You 

           1. Keyword planner 

1.4 Managing keywords data for Maximum insights

  • Creating a keywords spreadsheets
  • Find initial keywords 
  • Utilize the long tail keywords
  • Find phrase patterns 
  • Organize by prefix and suffix
  • Search for synonyms 
  • Plan for plurals 

1.5 Adding three dimensional keyword data

  • Intersect keyword demand and keyword trends
  • apply tools for finding keyword search trends 
  • compare keyword trends 
  • Asking why
  • Articulating strategy
  • Organizing keyword data with your additional data

Measure your results 

  • Do not be fooled by rankings 
  • Measure the right outcomes
  • Establish value
  • Develop keyword segments in your analytics 
  • Evaluate landing pages for value 
  • Troubleshoot landing page bounce rate 
  • Prioritize your marketing efforts 


OPO - Part 1

2. On Page Optimisation: How to Optimise Your Content Around Your Keywords

  • SEO Optimised Content 
  • URL Optimisation
  • How to Write Title Tags 
  • Heading Tags & Copy Optimization 
  • Image Optimization 
  • Interlinking Pages, Outgoing Links & Social Share Buttons

2.1 Apply keywords to your website

  • Understand page structure
  • Familiarize yourself with the page title 
  • Evaluate your page title options 
  • How to utilize page structures to your advantage 
  • Keep the attentions of your reader with better page structure 
  • Coverage strategies of structure, scanning and spiders
  • Implement keywords throughout your content 
  • Consider alt attributes and title attributes 
  • Review your navigation for keywords 
  • Test your navigation for usefulness and understandability

OPO - Part 2

Content Optimisation: How search engine and 
people view web pages

  • Understanding content Optimisation
  • Optimising site structure
  • Recognising different types of content
  • Optimising textual page elements 
  • Optimising nontext components of a web page
  • Analysing content quality 
  • Exploring the benefit of user generated content

0.1 Content Optimisation: Technical SEO

  • Interpreting the code behind web pages
  • Understanding how search engine index content
  • Working with Canonical urls and redirect
  • Leveraging microformats
  • Walking with server side factors 

0.2 Long-term content planning

  • Overview of long-term content strategies
  • Planning a successful content strategy and avoid common mistakes
  • Defining your audience topic angle and style 
  • Understanding different types of content
  • Working with an editorial calendar
  • Promoting your content with social media 
  • Measuring content performance

OPO - Part 3

SEO for eCommerce

  • Understanding SEO and e-commerce 
  • Working with semantic HTML for E commerce
  • The technical component of e-commerce 
  • Exploring e commerce information architecture
  • Producing E-Commerce content
  • Leveraging link building and social media for eCommerce 

OPO - Part 4

Local search

  • Understanding local search
  • Understanding Google my business
  • Setting up and optimising Google + local
  • Managing your citations
  • Getting more review for your business
  • Optimising your website for local search 
  • SEO For Local Businesses
  • How to Rank Your Local Business WITHOUT Content Marketing 

OPO - Part 5

Video SEO

  • Video Ranking Tools
  • On Page SEO 
  • Off Page SEO 
  • How To Sell In Videos 
  • How To Protect Your Channel 
  • Custom Thumbnails 
  • How To Create Multiple Accounts

OPO - Part 6

Technical SEO

  • Install Google Analytics So You Can Optimise Your SEO Performance 
  • Get Preferentially Ranking from Google with Mobile Responsive Websites 
  • Double Your Conversion Rate with Faster Page Load Speeds 
  • Check for SEO Errors: Add Your Property to the Google Search Console
  • How Meta Robots work?
  • Understanding HTTP Status Codes 
  • Practical Comparison: HTTP vs. HTTPS 
  • Using or not using www? 
  • Using and Mark-up, How to use and how to test 
  • Google Page Speed Test
  • Schema Markups 
  • Assignments: 
  • TEST:

Google Analytics 

  • Understanding the basics
  • Why Google analytics
  • How Google Analytics works
  • How to setup analytics account
  • Understanding full reports
  • Dashboard and shortcuts
  • Basic campaign and conversion tracking

Google Webmasters/ Bing

All the Goodies in Google Webmaster Tools

  • Get Started With Search Console – How to Verify Your Website
  • Explore All the Available Tools In Search Console

Assignments: (Analytics/Webmasters)
Test: Certification

OFO - Part 1

3. Off Page SEO: Link Building

  • How the search engine killed the web directory
  • How link analysis revolutionized web search

3.1  Link Basics

  • Exploring the anatomy of a link
  • Not just pagerank: Understanding what links do for your site
  • Explaining Google Page Rank and why google stopped it
  • Exploring keywords and google bombs
  • The perfect link
  • Dealing with problem links
  • Analyzing links 


OFO - Part 2

3.2  Building links

  • Exploring the two types of links
  • Grabbing low hanging fruit
  • Working with local pages and directory links 
  • Reciprocal Linking: Is it worth the trouble?
  • Creating press releases
  • Working with article syndication 
  • Working with bloggers 
  • Creating link bait
  • Examining social networking links
  • Getting more links 
  • Working with linking software
  • Exploring penguin

OFO - Part 3

3.3 The Link Game

  • Buying links: pros and cons 
  • When is paying for links buying links?
  • Finding link services 
  • understanding linking jargon 
  • Understanding the importance of links
  • Building internal links
  • Building external links
  • Finding link building opportunity
  • Executing a link Building strategy

OFO - Part 4

3.4 Smarter Ways Proven to Earn Quality Backlinks

  • How to Steal Your Competitor’s Backlinks, Rankings & Traffic 
  • How to Get Key Influencers in Your Niche to Give You Links 
  • Guarantee Links by Modelling Successful Content 
  • Build Links with Infographics: Create a Visual Resource 
  • How to Build Links With Slideshare 
  • Earn links through Guest Posting: Solid  Your Position As a Thought Leader 
  • 6 Ways To Maximise Links for Your SEO Campaigns 
  • Little Known Tactic to Get Ranked Fast With Google+ 

OFO - Part 5

3.5 Off Page Optimisation: How to Build Authority with Backlinks (Introduction)

  • The Types of Backlinks that Really Matter and How You Get Them 
  • Do Follow vs. No Follow Links: Find Out Which Ones Have SEO Power! 
  • Black Hat SEO: Protect Yourself from Harmful Links 
  • Dangerous SEO Myth: Social Signals (Tweets, Likes) = Backlinks 

SEO Auditing

4. An Introduction to SEO Auditing

  • What, Why and How!

4.1 SEO Audit: Using Website Standards & Tools

  • Use of Website Analytic Tools
  • Tracking Top Analytic Reports 
  • Using Google Webmaster Tools 
  • Using Bing Webmaster Tools 
  • XML Sitemap for Search Engines 
  • Robots.txt 

4.2 SEO Audit Off Site SEO

  • Incoming Link Analysis 
  • Open Site Explorer | Moz
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Website Domain Authority
  • What is Domain Authority?
  • Open Site Explorer | Moz

Competitor Analysis

5. Competitor Analysis

  • What is a Competition Analysis & Why Is It Important
  • How to Perform a SEO Competitor Analysis
  • Open Site Explorer | Moz
  • -> Advanced Keywords and Competitors Research Tool
  • Identifying Your SEO Competitors 

6. Google Guidelines
7. Google Algorithms

7. SEO Tools  

  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • SEMrush
  • Moz's open site explorer
  • Ahrefs
  • Majestic

Google Tag Manager

8. Advanced Website SEO

  • How PBNs Work 
  • How PBNs Rank Your Site 
  • Tools You Will Need 
  • How To Use Register Compass 
  • Avoid Getting Ripped Off With Register Compass
  • Paying For Domains 
  • How To Setup Host Nine 
  • Silo Structure 
  • Setting Up Wordpress 
  • Setting Up Blog Posts 
  • Fresh Drop 
  • SEM Impact 
  • Linkit Pro 
  • Launch jacking Method 
  • Niche Affiliate Site Formula 
  • Keyword Research Strategy

Social Media Marketing


  • What is social media?
  • History of social media marketing
  • Importance of social media
  • SMO strategy for business
  • Social media key concept
  • Business profile creation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Social media engagement
  • Viral marketing

Facebook Marketing
Introduction to Facebook  

  • What is a Facebook profile?
  • How do you make a good Facebook profile?
  • What is a Facebook group?
  • Facebook events
  • Creating A Facebook Page For Your Business
  • Why Facebook is a Better Option
  • Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

SMM Part - 2

  • Facebook Live - The Best Organic Reach Strategy Online
  • Facebook Live - The Best Free Organic Reach Strategy On The Internet 
  • How To Start Facebook Live Streaming
  • How To Live Stream From Your Desktop Computer Using Free Broadcasting Software! 
  • Adding Titles, Tags & URL Links To Optimise Your Live Stream On OBS! 
  • How To Draw & Add Video Filters On Facebook Live!
  • Why Live Video Is Better than Normal Video! 
  • 15 Stream Ideas That Could Make You a Star On Facebook Live

Facebook Live Optimisation Strategies

  • How To Schedule Your Facebook Live Stream So You Get Viewers! 
  • Use Page Insights To Know When To Go Live and Who You are Streaming To 
  • AIDA - Writing a Compelling Headline That Generates Attention and Interest! 
  • Adding A Thumbnail That Attracts Viewers To Your Live Stream - Top Secret! 
  • How long should your Facebook Live stream be?
  • What ‘Call to actions’ should you ask for during streams
  • How To Live Stream Like a Pro on Facebook Live 

Facebook Ads Part - 1

1.   Facebook Ads for Beginners

  • What are adverts
  • How Does Facebook Advertising Works
  • How To Access The Facebook Ads Manager 
  • How To Navigate the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Facebook Vs Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ad Types
  • Types of Ads
  • How to Build an Audience from Scratch!

Facebook Ads Part - 2

1.1 How To Use And Create Facebook Audiences For Your Facebook Ads

  • Introduction to audiences in Facebook ads. 
  • Facebook ads audience types: custom, lookalike, and saved.
  • Customer list custom audience creation in Facebook advertising. 
  • Website traffic custom audience creation for remarketing. 
  • Custom app audience
  • Custom Audience Through Video Viewers 
  • Creating a lookalike audience. 
  • How to make a saved audience to speed up targeting with Facebook ads. 
  • Facebook Ad Country List For Highest & Lowest Cost Ads On Facebook
  • Setting Up A Winning Facebook Ad Campaign (Step By Step)

Facebook Ads Part - 3

Campaign Analysis

  • Tweaking Your Campaign
  • Testing, Tweaking And Measuring Your Ad Campaign
  • Recommendations for Your Facebook Ads 
  • Pushing Ads To Your Target Audience Is The Key To Success On Facebook
  • Facebook Live And Facebook Ads
  • How to Clone a Successful Audience & Find your Mailing List on Facebook 
  • How to Boost your Posts like a Boss! 
  • Run an Effective "Likes" Campaign! 
  • What is your purpose of advertising on Facebook?

Facebook Ads Part - 4

1.2  Remarketing - The Art of Selling to Warmer Prospects

  • Introduction to Remarketing - What is it? And Why is it valuable?
  • Remarketing - How to get your content in front of all your Page fans
  • Remarketing to the audience that are proven to buy your product

Practice these principles to guarantee success with Facebook Marketing & Ads

  • Facebook Ads: Do What Works With You 
  • Offer Value Straight Away To Get Success With Facebook Marketing
  • Focus on Cost Per Action (CPA) In Order To Maximise Results With Facebook Ads 
  • How The 80 / 20 Principle Will Put You In the Top Facebook Ads Performers
  • The Four Key Principles That Lead To Success On Facebook

Using Facebook Ads For Instagram

  • How to Promote an Instagram Post using Facebook Ads - NEW
  • Results of the Page Post Engagement on an Instagram Ad! Prepared to be WOWed! 

Instagram Marketing Intro

2. Instagram Marketing

  • What Is Instagram All About?
  • Why Businesses Should Use Instagram
  • How Other Businesses Are Using Instagram 
  • Ultimate Instagram Marketing Secrets Outline
  • The Ultimate Audience for Pure Marketing 

2.1 Step-by-Step Guide to Launch Your Campaign

  • Setting Your Profile Up For Success
  • Choosing the Perfect Instagram Handle / Username
  • Choosing the Right Instagram Name
  • Perfecting your Instagram Display Picture 
  • Optimizing Your Instagram Bio
  • Creating your Instagram Account Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • Ninja Tactics: The Perfect Pictures for Promotion 
  • How to Build Followers and Gain Attention
  • Autopilot
  • How You Should Not get Followers on Instagram
  • How to make money with instagram

IM Part - 2

2.1 Position Your Business on Instagram in 6 Quick & Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Download & Install the Instagram Mobile App
  • Step 2: Create Your Instagram Account as a Business 
  • Step 3: Creating Your Business Profile

                    - How to Create a First-Class Instagram Business Profile

  • Step 4: Navigating the Instagram App
  • Step 5: Posting Your Images and Videos to Instagram 
  • Step 6: Finding Instagram Followers for Your Business

2.2 Creating the Ultimate Instagram Content Game Plan

  • Photo Licensing and Image Ownership
  • What to post on Instagram (Theme and Purpose)
  • The Best Times to Post on Instagram?
  • How to Post Media on Instagram
  • Increasing your Image and Video Exposure 

2.3 Perfect Outreach: Build an Inbound Sales Funnel

  • Start Reaching Out and Building Your #1 Fans 
  • Instagram Direct - One of the Best Features 
  • Ultimate Instagram Marketing Secrets 
  • The Magic of Follow Up Relationship Building 

2.4 Hashtags #TheKeyToSuccess

  • The Power of Hashtags
  • How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Expand Your Reach

IM Part - 3

2.5 Top Tips, Tricks & Tools

  • Instagram Marketing Tools 
  • Instagram Marketing Tips 
  • Learn From the Success of Others 
  • Instagram Marketing Do's & Dont's 
  • How to Run a Successful Instagram Contest 
  • How to Use Instagram Video for Marketing
  • Instagram Resource Directory 
  • Instagram Image & Video Editing Apps
  • Post through desktop on Instagram

2.7 Growth hacking tactics for Instagram

  • Find industry specific Hashtags quickly 
  • Create crazy engagement with use of hashtags & notes app 
  • How to create Images quickly and save time
  • How to find popular and relevant Instagram accounts 
  • Tips and hacks for Instagram engagement 
  • Get Instagram ready images quickly 
  • fiverr gig.docx

IM Part - 4

2.8 Instagram updates

  • Business profiles on Instagram 
  • Boosting posts on Instagram 
  • Instagram API changes
  • Instagram algorithm feed

Creating the Ultimate Instagram Marketing Game Plan

  • Identifying and Locating your Target Audience on Instagram 
  • Promotional Strategy Spectrum: Sprint Vs Marathon
  • Successfully Promoting your Instagram Account Outside of Instagram 
  • Connecting with your target Audience using Hashtags
  • Promoting your Instagram Business to Your Target Audience
  • Birds Eye Overview of the Instagram Promotional Funnel 
  • Split Testing your Promotional Funnels to Increase Followers 
  • Growing your Instagram Account by Leveraging your followers

Creating Business & Making Money from Your Instagram Account

  • Instagram Mindsets: Building Trustworthy Long Term Relationships 
  • How to convert followers to customers 
  • CTA 1: Converting Followers to Website Visitors 
  • CTA 2: Converting Website Visitors to Email Addresses 
  • MAILCHIMP - A free Email list provider with a lot of cool functions, and tools.
  • AWEBER - Another Email provider (paid) that is very popular to use for small businesses.
  • OPTIMIZEPRESS - Great tool for squeeze pages and sales pages (paid)
  • CTA 3: Converting Emails, and Instagram Followers to Sales

Pinterest Marketing

3. Pinterest Business Marketing

What Exactly Does One Do On Pinterest? 

3.1 Getting started with Pinterest

  • What is Pinterest and why Is It beneficial for your eCommerce store?
  • Staying consistent with Pinterest 
  • Creating Your Pinterest Business Account
  • Unique Ways to use Pinterest for Business
  • Pinterest Marketing Tips & Tricks 
  • Pinterest Power Tools

3.1 The Six-Step Formula for Pinterest Marketing Success

  • Step 1: Picking Your Topic
  • Step 2: Creating Your Pinterest Account 
  • Step 3: Optimising Your Profile 
  • Step 4: Creating Your Boards
  • How to Start a Pinterest Board that Succeeds
  • Step 5: Pinning like a Pro 
  • 5 Ways to Get Your Pins Noticed on Pinterest
  • How to Use Pinterest Promoted Pins
  • How to Optimize Your Pins for the Pinterest Smart Feed
  • Step 6: Build a Following
  • 6 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

3.2  Basics of Pinning - What You Should Know

  • Using hashtags, adding descriptions and basic pinning 
  • Engaging with existing pins and users. 
  • Using Group Boards 
  • What are Pinterest Rich Pins? 
  • Pinning With Your Cell Phone

Pinterest Marketing - Part 2

3.3 Creating Pinterest Badges & Widgets

  • Adding Pinterest buttons and widgets to your eCommerce Store

3.4 Viewing Analytics on Pinterest & Rich Pins

  • How To Use Analytics To Your Advantage 
  • Google Analytics Tracking 

3.5 Tools & Automation

  • Pinbot 2.0 - Pinterest Automation
  • - Intro 
  • - Repin Feature
  • - Pin Feature 
  • - Follow Feature
  • - Unfollow Feature 
  • - Like Feature 
  • - Comment Feature
  • - Invite Feature
  • - Running Pinbot 
  • Paid Advertising with your Pins
  • Using advertising with Pins on Pinterest
  • Bonus: Using BuySellAds 

Twitter Marketing

4. Twitter Marketing

4.1 Twitter introduction and basics

  • Getting Started: Creating an Effective Twitter Profile
  • How to Perform Basic Functions
  • How your Twitter page and account should look like 
  • Tweet quality is extremely important 
  • Private Twitter accounts 
  • How to interact with people on Twitter 
  • Establishing yourself as a domain expert on Twitter 
  • How to grow followers when you first open your account 
  • Buying Twitter followers 
  • How to use Twitter to interact with influencers and celebrities 
  • Tweeting as yourself Vs as your business brand 
  • Twitter paid marketing 
  • How to maximize social sharing by building it into your product
  • How social sharing will help your Google SEO 
  • How to use the "favorite" feature
  • How to increase sales and traffic from your email signature

4.2 Twitter Daily Operations

  • Notifications: Your Twitter To Do List:
  • The Importance of Names in Driving Engagement 
  • How to Unfollow on Twitter 
  • Best Practice Use of Direct Messages 
  • How to Block Someone on Twitter 
  • Using Twitter Search to Connect with Your Audience 
  • Twitter Lists: What Most People Aren't Doing With Twitter Lists 


  • How to use Twitter hashtags to increase traffic and followers 
  • How to use trending hashtags 
  • How to write good headlines that increase clickthrough 
  • Link to article with headline examples 
  • How to get more retweets and boost your Twitter AND SEO
  • Ideal tweet length to maximize engagement and retweets
  • Ideal number of hashtags to use in a tweet to amplify sharing & engagement 
  • Best time of the day to tweet to get the most engagement 
  • How to consistently rank in hashtag searches & automate it with Wordpress 
  • How to structure your tweet to optimize for click-through 
  • Mention people in your tweets to get more exposure
  • Promote others to get promoted back 

Twitter Marketing - Part 2

4.4 Tools

  • Advanced Twitter marketing strategy to drive sales and branding 
  • Buffer app to automate social media updates 
  • Revive Old Posts Wordpress plugin to boost pages by sharing and SEO 
  • Cool Twitter follower recommendation tool
  • Social rank Twitter tool to see your most influential followers 
  • Twitter shortcuts
  • Twitter analytics: how to access it, use it, and improve your tweeting with it
  • The Logical Operators

              “AND" logical operator
              "OR" logical operator
              "NOT" logical operator

  • Common Specifiers

                Hashtag specifier 
                Exact match specifier 
                Placeholder specifier
                Language specifier 

  • The People Specifiers

                Authorship specifier 
               Receiver specifier 
               Reference specifier 

  • The Date & Location Specifiers

                Date specifier 
                Location specifier

  • Tweet Adder
  • Crowdbooster - Social Media Analytics
  • Unfollowers.Com

Twitter Marketing - Part 3

4.5 Twitter Fundamentals - Set Up and Basic Functions

  • Defining your Content Strategy for Twitter
  • Applying the Pareto Principle to Your Content Strategy 
  • Visual Content to TurboCharge Your Engagement
  • When to Use Trending Items and Hashtags 
  • How to Show Your Personality While Remaining Focused 
  • 5 Common Twitter Mistakes to Avoid
  • Content Marketing Automation 
  • How to Automate Publishing
  • Shortening Web Links: Setting Up Your Account 

4.6 Influencers: Network Is Your Net Worth
Finding Influencers 

  • Tools to Find More Influencers 
  • Harness the Power of Google
  • Getting an Influencers' Attention 

Sharing Is Caring: Putting Content Marketing on Autopilot

  • How to Get the Best Content in Minutes
  • They Write, You Profit! 

 The Twitter Ninja: Legally Stealing From Your Competition

  • The Tool I Use Every Single Day
  • Don't Forget Your Target Market! 
  • List Building on Auto-Pilot

Social Media ROI

5. Social Media ROI 

5.1 Social Media Marketing ROI Intro

  • What is social media ROI
  • Key elements of social media ROI calculation 
  • Reasons to calculate social media ROI

5.2 How to calculate Social Media Marketing Return

  • Challenges with calculating return 
  • Identify your SM goals and actions 
  • Steps to calculate your social media return 

Social Media Marketing ROI calculation

  • ROI calculation
  • Benefits of social media beyond dollars 
  • Enhancing your social media ROI 
  • Calculate the value of action

LinkedIn Marketing Part - 1

6. LinkedIn Marketing

6.1 Top 5 Things to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Step 1: How to Get an Amazing Profile Picture 
  • Step 2: Create a Headline that Gets You More Leads 
  • Step 3: Write an Amazing Professional LinkedIn Summary 
  • Step 4: What You Must Do on Your Work Experience Section
  • Step 5: How to Add Hundreds of LinkedIn Connections Automatically 

6.2 How to Post on LinkedIn to Become an Expert

  • How to Post on LinkedIn to Become an Expert 
  • A Super Effective and Easy LinkedIn Posting Strategy
  • Get More Credibility from LinkedIn Groups 

6.3 How to Add New Sales Prospects on LinkedIn and Contact Them

  • Connect with Decision Makers on LinkedIn 
  • How to Add More LinkedIn Connections Using Advanced Search 
  • How to Add Tags to Your Contacts for Easy Searching 
  • The Best Sales Email to Send to a New Prospect 

6.4 How to Easily Get More Endorsements and Recommendations

  • Easily Get More Endorsements and Get In Front of Connections 
  • How to Get Amazing Recommendations on Your Profile

LinkedIn Marketing Part - 2

6.5 How to Get Your LinkedIn Profile to Rank in Search Engines

  • Double Check Your LinkedIn Privacy Settings - Important 
  • Where to add Keywords to Your LinkedIn Profile 
  • How to Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Ranks in Search Engines 
  • Updating your Contact Info in Your Profile to Get More Leads 

6.6 How to Use LinkedIn's Blogging Platform for More Visibility

  • Blogging on LinkedIn for Boosting Your Profile
  • Huge LinkedIn Blogging Success!

6.7 Advanced Techniques for LinkedIn Marketing

  • A Super Nice Way to Boost Your Profile Rank 
  • How to Export Your LinkedIn Connections to Your Email List 

LinkedIn Ads

SEM Basics

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

Introduction to PPC Marketing

  • Overview of PPC Marketing Training 
  • What PPC Marketing is All About 
  • Why You Should be Using PPC Marketing for Your Business 
  • Different Ad Networks & Automation Tools

SEM Keyword Research

  • Apply keywords to your PPC Campaign (PPC Keywords)
  • Create effective ads
  • Learn keyword based bidding strategies
  • Balance keywords and quality score
  • Avoid costly mistakes 
  • Focus on negative keywords
  • Add dimensions of location, timing and word structures
  • Continually improve your campaign

Setting up a PPC campaign

  • Setting Up A Profitable PPC Campaign from Start to Finish
  • Creating a PPC Campaign in Google AdWords 
  • Creating a PPC Campaign in Bing 
  • Creating a PPC Campaign on 7Search 
  • Creating a PPC Campaign in Facebook 
  • Creating a PPC Campaign in Twitter 
  • Creating a PPC Campaign in LinkedIn 
  • Tracking Your PPC Ad Campaigns 
  • Testing, Optimizing & Scaling Your PPC Ad Campaigns

SEM Part - 2

Top Tips, Tools & Resources for PPC Marketing

  • Twenty Must-Do's for Successful PPC Campaigns
  • Twenty Common Mistakes to Avoid in PPC Marketing 
  • Business Case Studies: Discover and Learn From Actual PPC Marketing Campaigns 

How to Make Money Online with PPC Marketing

  • Make Money Online with PPC as an Internet Marketer

Google Adwords - Part 1

Introduction to Google AdWords

  • Overview of Google AdWords
  • Understanding the Auction
  • What is Google AdWords all about?
  • Keyword Match Types 
  • The Importance of Ad Relevancy 
  • Relevant Landing Pages FTW
  • Adwords Account Structure  
  • Why You Should be Using Adwords
  • Keyword Strategy & Tools
  • Keyword Match Types 
  • Google Keyword Planner 
  • Google Analytics & Adwords 
  • Top 5 Google Adwords Automation Power Tools

Setting Up A Profitable Ad Campaign with Google AdWords

  • Step 1: Creating an Account 
  • Step 2: Creating Your First Campaign
  • Step 3: Creating your AdGroup 
  • Step 4: Creating Your First Ad 
  • Step 5: Creating Your First Keyword List 
  • Step 6: Providing Billing Details 
  • Step 7: Getting Familiar with Your Adwords Account
  • Step 8: Going Mobile with Adwords
  • Increase Your CTR with Ad Extensions
  • Google Adwords Campaign Checklist 

Google Adwords - Part 2

Top Tips, Tools & Resources for Google AdWords

  • Landing Page Design: How a Best Performing Landing Page Should Look Like 
  • Google Adwords Display Network: How to Create a Winning Ad Campaign
  • How to Select Your Audience 
  • How to Set Budgeting and Bidding in Google Adwords
  • Tricks that Internet Marketers use on AdWords
  • Ten Must Do's for Successful Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Ten Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Experience and Learn the True Power of AdWords from these Case Studies
  • Resource Directory 
  • Unlimited AdWords Clicks for only 1 cent each
  • AdWords Annihilation 

How to Make Money Online with Google AdWords

  • Profitable Tactics to Make Money Online with AdWords 
  • Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account
  • User Interface Overview
  • Customising Your Dashboard 
  • Adding Additional Users 
  • Creating Goals 

Google Adwords - Part 3

Creating Your First Adwords Campaign

  • Let's Start a New Campaign
  • Keyword Research: Getting Keyword Ideas From Your Site
  • Keyword Research: Getting Keywords Ideas from Other Keywords 
  • Creating Keyword Buckets
  • Competitive Research
  • Bulk Uploading Keywords 
  • Bulk Uploading Ads 
  • Creating Campaign Sitelinks 
  • Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion 
  • Tracking Conversions Inside Adwords 
  • Campaign Settings Via The Interface 
  • Campaign Settings Via The Editor 
  • Getting Started with Remarketing 
  • Adding Your Remarketing Tag 
  • Creating Your First Remarketing Campaign 
  • Reporting: Search Query Report 
  • Advanced Adwords Reports 
  • Advanced Adwords Reports Part II - Ad Serving Reports 

Google Adwords - Part 4

 A/B Testing

  • Introduction to A/B Testing
  • An Overview of Optimizely
  • Analyzing Your A/B Test

Google Adwords - Part 5

The Essential Tips!

  • Its all about Relevance 
  • Landing Pages 
  • Quality Score
  • Keywords and Ad Groups 
  • Split-Testing 
  • Campaign Settings 
  • Geo-targeting 
  • Negative Keywords 
  • Adwords Editor 


Email Marketing Part 1

  • Email Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Part - 1


 Introduction - Affiliate Marketing Alchemy

  • Black Art Secret Facebook Community, Bonus Videos & Articles 
  • What is Affiliate Alchemy All About? 
  • The Affiliate Marketing Trap - Be Warned! 
  • Limiting Beliefs 
  • Action Step: Affiliate Marketing Game Plan 

Figure Affiliate Marketing & Launch Game

  • Overview 
  • The Launch & Affiliate Game 
  • Building a List via Serial Launching 
  • Building a List via "Backend Bonuses" 
  • Email Service Providers - Self-Hosted & Deliverability 
  • The "Value" Style - Bonus Emails, Case Studies, Value & Quality 
  • The "Daily Deal Style" - Consistent Deals, No Bonuses & Quantity
  • Training Your Customers 
  • Action Step: Select Your Strategy 

Affiliate Marketing Part - 2

Planning 4-Figure & 5-Figure Promos

  •  Overview 
  •  Selecting Promos (Quality versus Strategy) 
  •  Physical Deliverable: Successful Promo Due Diligence Checklist 
  •  Due Diligence: Required Information from Product Creator 

                           - Muncheye

                            - Video Traffic

  •  $10,000 Webinar Affiliate Promo Funnel 
  •  $10,000 Video Affiliate Promo Funnel 
  •  $10,000 Super Promo Funnel 
  •  Planning the Video 
  •  Physical Deliverable: Sample Affiliate Promo Sales Script 
  •  Brainstorming Targeted Bonuses 
  •  Action Step: Plan the Funnel, Video & Bonuses 
  •  Review 

Engineering the 4-Figure or 5-Figure Promo

  •  Overview
  •  Creating the Video 

                -  Affiliate Bonus Page
                -  Camtasia
                 - Video Alchemy

  •  Creating the Bonuses 

                   - Amazon S3

  •  Creating the Bonus Page or Using Product Creator's Templates 

                 - Optimize Press

  •  Physical Deliverable: Our $42k Bonus Page Template 

                    - Affiliate Bonus Page

  •  Creating the LeadPage 

                       - Lead pages

  • Executing the Webinar 
  •  Physical Deliverable: Our $42k Webinar Presentation 

                       - Outro Webinar Presentation V7 Altered

  •  Executing the Emails 
  •  Physical Deliverable: Our $42k Email Sequence
  •  The Early Bird & 1st 2 Hour Scarcity 
  •  Hitting Unopens Using Day 1 Scarcity 
  •  Prize Money Competitions 
  •  Action Step: Executing the Promo 




  • Coming Up with a Blog that Fits Your Business Goals 
  • Getting Your Blog Live 
  • Setting Up an Email Address on Your Domain 

Building and Customizing Your Blog

  •  Building Your Subscriber Base 
  •  Creating Your Site's Key Pages 
  •  Configuring Your Site for Google 
  •  Implementing an Automated Site Backup 
  •  Protecting Your Site Against Hackers 
  •  Customizing Your Site's Look and Feel 
  •  Writing Epic Content 

Building Your Relationship Network

  •  Connecting with Other Bloggers Who May Be Potential Business Partners 
  •  Connecting with Your Audience 


  •  How to Setup Your Email Opt-In Process with AWeber Video 
  •  How to Use Google Analytics to Track Your Stats Video 
  •  My 5 Favorite Additional Free WordPress Plugins Video 

Day 68: Blogging Part - 2

  • Blogging Adsense
  • Motive Ads


Inbound Marketing Part - 1


  • Essentials of an Effective Inbound Strategy
  • Why inbound?
  • What are the fundamentals of inbound success?
  • What does inbound look like?

Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • SEO strategy and best practices
  • What does a successfully optimized website page look like?
  • Creating Content with a Purpose
  • Why is content important to inbound?
  • How do you create remarkable content?
  • What does remarkable content look like?

The Fundamentals of Blogging

  • Why does blogging help your inbound marketing?
  • How do you create a successful blog?
  • What does a successful blog post look like?

Amplifying Your Content with Social Media

  • Why is social media essential to inbound?
  • How to amplify your content on social media?
  • What does content amplification look like?

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